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Dr. Yogesh Murkut



Dr. Varsha Kalwe (Murkut)


Ayurveda is concept to live life with health & wealth. So it is very important to treat every thing so carefully , we are the members of SPANDAN really believe in it. So we started ayurveda practice at Sindkhed Raja, District Buldhana. We treat all acute and chronic complaints & diseases by ayurveda way of treatment. we offer excellent services at affordable cost, we go through Asthavidh Pariksha & details history, laboratory & other Investigation so we come to proper conclusion and we then advise patient to take treatment for concern cause for specific time period. We have well trained Staff & Therapists. Our Doctors team always stay in touch with patient and treat the patient, and specially advise to avoid reoccurence of disease/s , we offer treatment forv cardiac, Diabetic , weight gain, Stress related diseases , Spondylosis like Chronic complaint by Ayurveda way of treatment like Panchakarma & Ayurvedic Medication. We also offer admission of patient. We also arrange heath tours for patients , to boost their self Confidence. & in view of lifestyle modification. we support patient 24×7 as per the need & deed of the Patient. So we publish our Always calling number 08623927282 to stay in touch. We always happyly ready to welcome our patients.

It is always Proud for our doctors team to be in health profession . It is natural desire by any person to become happy and painless, the things around us not always likewise. So there need a mediator to stable the pain in life and turn that pain into happiness , We treat the Patient by ancient Indian way called Ayurveda. Prime breath of Ayurveda is "Swastashya Swasta Rakshanam! Aaturashya Vikhar Prashamancha!" , that means "keep healthy person healthy & to treat ill one ." so it is always said that, "prevention is always better than cure." Aaturah means person having Vyadhi(disease /s) that may be phyical or mental. ayurveda always treat it very well. Our team Specialy work on Cardiac and Disbetic complication as it is Part of preventive Cardiology. We deals such complication by Non surgical herbal procedures , as it very well now that the percentages of cardiac and Diabetic patient is incrasing rapidly, that is warning signal for our Society , there are many cases where diabetes and heart diseases are seen in 30+ age group, and along with that obesity and related complication patients percentage is also increasing. to control these complications We developed our centre for prevention and cure . We always there to help and treat , in this regard Very soon we are going Construct Ayurved Hospital own medicine preparation unit. Currently we provide branded company medicines on demand.

we are working to prevent heart diseases . As Cardiac & diabetic patients population is growing in india day by day. We treat by natural remedies, so we naturally prevent patient from angioplasty , bypass , so patient get free from any kind of cardiac diseases. We also treat all diseases by ayurved based medication & Panchakarma, Detoxification treatments.

Aim of AYURVEDA is to ' prevent & cure a person.' In the same regard we had decided to develop our Ayurved Cardiac Clinic to Complete Ayurved Hospital. Because of that patient can admit for period to take concern treatment. we are also going to establish our "ayurvedic medicine unit.